2012 - 2013 Officers & Delegates

2013-2014 Committee Chairpersons




Andrew Longacre Programs & Arrangements alongacre@acraneusa.com
 Carl Heinlein  Membership  cwheinlein@acig.com
Pam Walaski Student Section Co-Chair – IUP pwalaski@complianceplace.com
Jackie Kuntz Student Section Co-Chair – SRU jackie@rjrsafety.com
Rick Bowers Honors and Awards Co-Chairperson rbowers@mascaroconstruction.com
Jason Malatak Honors and Awards Co-Chairperson JasonM@mosites.com
Zach Zucco Public Affairs – Oil & Gas zzucco@northeastdrilling.com
Jason Koss Public Affairs – Construction jasonk@cawp.org
Rob Golden Public Affairs – Mining rob@rgjohnsoninc.com
Public Affairs – Manufacturing
Public Affairs – Healthcare
Public Affairs – DOT Distribution/DOT
Public Affairs – DOT Regulatory
Bill Boots Auditor bill.boots@willis.com
Thad Pajak Special Projects tmprrcih@yahoo.com
Wayne Vanderhoof Newsletter Editor/ Website Coord./Delegate wayne@rjrsafety.com
Nick Kuntz Holiday Party/Past President nkuntz@thecrsteam.com